HESTER CRAIN (pictured above on right) lived a nomadic life growing up. His father, Juniper Crain, was a career Air Force officer who traveled these great United States. Hester inherited his father's love of boating (and gin martinis) simultaneously developing a knack for songwriting. He eventually docked in Nashville where he owns a restaurant called "Sweet Spirits," complete with a swimming pool in the back. It was in Music City where he met Theolonius and Cabin Boy, also pursuing their aquatic musical dreams, and invited them to join him for a pool guitar pull. After a fateful night of martinis, vermin declawing, and song swapping, the magic and chemistry was too much to deny and the Boat Jammers were born.

CAPTAIN JACK  (pictured above on left) sails the high seas on an endless quest for adventure, raucous times, and grabbing all the gusto a man can get. He acquired his sobriquet when a a crew of boozy sailors at Ye Olde Tyme Keg misheard his name (Cab'n Boy Mac) during a spirited game of darts that ended in gunfire. After
the trial, in which he was acquitted of all charges, the name stuck. He enjoys a daily nip of Jamaican rum, peering out at a blazing sunset over the azure waters of the Caribbean, and brandishing his cutlass at every opportunity. As a young lad, he traded some pieces of eight for a sun-bleached old guitar, and before long was entertaining his fellow mariners with sea shanties (his biggest request was "Let's Drink Grog Before The Fog"). At this point, it was inevitable that he'd join forces with some similar-minded sea dogs, and a chance meeting with the Boat Jammers, during a dusk-to-dawn poker game, led to his joining the crew.

 (pictured above, center) spent the 90’s as the preeminent goldfish psychiatrist in the greater Sheboygan area. While investigating the psychosis of an exceptionally deranged patient named “Gill”, he discovered, quite by accident, that his twin passions for music and therapy combined to form the perfect medicine for the aquarium blues. His first song, “Lost and Flounder of Love” brought the suicidal patient immediately out of his doldrums. Today, when he’s not touring with the Boat Jammers, you’re liable to find him airbrushing risqué mermaids on the cabin walls of lonely sailors.









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