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      ****  Thank you so much Anna Maria Island radio for playing our music!  Give 'em a listen folks!  ****


     ****  You can now hear the Boat Jammers on Permanent Vacation Radio!!!  If you're a fan of troprock or island music in general, you will LOVE this site!  ****


      ****  Our good friend Gary Lindblom is hosting a new show on AMI Radio called "Brunch With the Band" where he interviews artists from his palacial paradise on Perico Island.  He does an AWESOME job!  Check it out!  ****


**** Boat Jammer Hester Crain has just created a new website where you can hear many of his awesome original tunes!  Go give Hester some love by clicking HERE now!!!  ****  



Got A Boat?  We would love to create a page featuring photos of boats from all of YOU!!!  If you're interested, please send us a picture of you and your boat and we'll proudly put it out there for all the world to see!









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